I recommend IBM equipment, but in the spirit of caveat emptor  I should let
you know I work for IBM... :-)

Seriously, I've been using IBM laptops and desktops for about 5 years, even
before I started working for them.  They tend to be a little more expensive
than Dell, but I think they use beefier components and don't cut the specs
quite as close as Dell does.  IBM gear is designed more for industrial use
than home computing, which is reflected in the quality (and the price).

IBM just released a new series of PowerPC-based servers that are
specifically designed to run Linux.  They're at the higher end, but from
what I understand, they provide much more bang for the buck than
Intel-based servers.

I hope this helps,
--- Steve

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"Learn from the mistakes of others because you can't live long enough to
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A lot of people have been having a devilish time with Dell hardware lately.

It seems like the quality control just isn't there on the Dell servers.

Thing is, some companies are required to use 1st-tier or at least 2nd-tier
vendors for hardware; they won't home-build.   For those people, what
do others on this list recommend?   What have been your good/bad


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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