Josh, Steve:

I have also been looking at non-dell server vendors due to
recent concerns about the PERC RAID Controllers.  That said,
I believe IBM just shoots itself in the foot via its sales/pricing 

Price out a PE2850 w/ 8GB RAM and 6 18GB Drives on the
Dell website and you'll get a number in the $9-10K range.  Talk
to your sales rep and you can get a $1-2K discount(total $7-8K).  
That seems fair and it wins alot of business.

Go the IBM website, try to find a comparative x86 system and
spec it out. The list pricing is in the $12-16K range.  Yes, I know
I could get a good discount if I developed a relationship with
an IBM reseller here..and perhaps the end pricing would be
in the $10-12K range....but the Dell way just seems alot more honest
to me, and reasonable.  The IBM gear doesn't seem that much better.

And while I have concerns about some of the Dell
hardware, none of the issues have really caused any issues for me or my clients
here yet.....(crossing fingers..)

I just don't think IBM makes it easy for new customers to buy their equipment 
if I went with them, I'd always have the lingering suspicion that I was paying 
too much.

I really hope they change some day...  Until then, I just see Dell winning more 
of the
server market share.

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>> I recommend IBM equipment, but in the spirit of caveat emptor  I should let
>> you know I work for IBM... :-)
>> Seriously, I've been using IBM laptops and desktops for about 5 years, even
>> before I started working for them.  They tend to be a little more expensive
>> than Dell, but I think they use beefier components and don't cut the specs
>> quite as close as Dell does.  IBM gear is designed more for industrial use
>> than home computing, which is reflected in the quality (and the price).
>> IBM just released a new series of PowerPC-based servers that are
>> specifically designed to run Linux.  They're at the higher end, but from
>> what I understand, they provide much more bang for the buck than
>> Intel-based servers.
>> I hope this helps,
>> --- Steve
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>> Folks,
>> A lot of people have been having a devilish time with Dell hardware lately.
>> It seems like the quality control just isn't there on the Dell servers.
>> Thing is, some companies are required to use 1st-tier or at least 2nd-tier
>> vendors for hardware; they won't home-build.   For those people, what
>> vendors
>> do others on this list recommend?   What have been your good/bad
>> experiences?
>> --
>> --Josh
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