I try to adjust my server for a couple of weeks with some sucess but it still
slow when the server has stress in the moring from many connection . I used
postgresql 7.3.2-1 with RH 9 on a mechine of 2 Xeon 3.0 Ghz and ram of 4 Gb.
Since 1 1/2 yr. when I started to use the database server after optimizing the
postgresql.conf everything went fine until a couple of weeks ago , my database
grew up to 3.5 Gb and there were more than 160 concurent connections.
The server seemed to be slower in the rush hour peroid than before . There
is some swap process too. My top and meminfo are shown here below:

You might just be running low on ram - your sort_mem setting means that
160 connections need about 3.1G. Add to that the 256M for your
shared_buffers and there may not be much left for the os to use
effectively (this could explain the fact that some swap is being used).

Is reducing sort_mem an option ?



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