Alex Turner wrote:
I appreciate your information, but it's not valid.  Most people don't
need RAC or table partitioning.

From a small company perspective, maybe, but not in the least invalid for larger companies.

Many of the features in Oracle EE are just not available in Postgresql at all, 
and many aren't available in
any version of SQL Server (table partitioning, bitmap indexes and

I never claimed otherwise. I said the low end product gets you hooked. Once you're hooked, you'll start to wish for all the wiz-bang features -- after all, that's why you picked Oracle in the first place.

Just because Oracle reps are a little clueless
sometimes doesn't mean that the product pricing sucks.
The minimum user requirement for standard one is 5 users.  5*149=$745,
much less than half the price of a dual or single CPU config.

And what happens once you need a quad server?

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with Oracle, but Oracle is a
fine product, that is available for not alot of $$ if you are willing
to use a bit of elbow grease to learn how it works and don't need
enterprise features, which many other database product simply don't
have, or work very poorly.

I never said I had a "bad experience" with Oracle. I pointed out the gotchas. We have several large Oracle boxes running, several MSSQL, and several Postgres -- they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Nuff said -- this thread is way off topic now...


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