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Hervé Piedvache:

> > Will both do what you want. Replicator is easier to setup but
> > Slony is free.
> No ... as I have said ... how I'll manage a database getting a table of may 
> be 
> 250 000 000 records ? I'll need incredible servers ... to get quick access or 
> index reading ... no ?
> So what we would like to get is a pool of small servers able to make one 
> virtual server ... for that is called a Cluster ... no ?
> I know they are not using PostgreSQL ... but how a company like Google do to 
> get an incredible database in size and so quick access ?

They use lots of boxes and lots custom software to implement a very
specific kind of cluster.

> regards,
Hannu Krosing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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