I would suspect a DBI/DBD installation issue, either perl DBI cannot
find DBD-Pg (not installed ?) or DBD-Pg cannot find your Pg 7.4.5.

I note that FC3 comes with Pg 7.4.6 - did you installed 7.4.5 from
source? If so this could be why the perl database modules cannot find it
(you may need to rebuild DBD-Pg, telling it where your Pg install is).

I installed FC3 from rpm kernel 2.6.9 which already included postgresql 7.4.5 . Suppose that there were some missing component , what should be the missing rpm component which I forgot to install ?

Ok - I must be looking at the *updated* FC3 distribution...

I may have 'jumped the gun' a little - the situation I describe above
will prevent *any* access at all to Pg from webmin. If this is the case
then check you have (perl) DBI and (perl) DBD-Pg components installed.

If on the other hand you can do *some* Pg admin from webmin, and you are
only having problems with the grants then there is something it does not
like about the *particular* statement. The way to debug this is to do a
tiny perl DBI program that tries to execute the statement :

select relname, relacl from pg_class where (relkind = 'r' OR relkind =
'S') and relname !~ '^pg_' order by relname

So - sorry to confuse, but let us know which situation you have there :-)

best wishes


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