> > Do we need actual high precision time, or do we just need 
> to be able 
> > to get high precision differences? Getting the differences 
> is fairly 
> > easy, but if you need to "sync up" any drif then it becomes 
> a bit more 
> > difficult.
> You're right, we only care about differences not absolute 
> time.  If there's something like a microseconds-since-bootup 
> counter, it would be fine.

There is. I beleive QueryPerformanceCounter has sub-mirosecond

Can we just replace gettimeofday() with a version that's basically:
if (never_run_before)
   GetSystemTime() and get current timer for baseline.
now = baseline + current timer - baseline timer;
return now;

Or do we need to make changes at the points where the function is
actually called?


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