Mark Lewis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I've got a similar problem with deletes taking a very long time.  I know
> that there are lots of foreign keys referencing this table, and other
> foreign keys referencing those tables, etc.  I've been curious, is there
> a way to find out how long the foreign key checks take for each
> dependent table?

There is not any easy way at the moment.

Hmm ... I wonder how hard it would be to teach EXPLAIN ANALYZE to show
the runtime expended in each trigger when the statement is of a kind
that has triggers.  We couldn't break down the time *within* the
triggers, but even this info would help a lot in terms of finger
pointing ...

        Seq Scan on ... (nn.nnn ms)
        Trigger foo: nn.mmm ms
        Trigger bar: nn.mmm ms
        Total time: nn.mmm ms

                        regards, tom lane

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