Situation: An 24/7 animal hospital (100 employees) runs their business on Centos 3.3 (RHEL 3) Postgres 7.4.2 (because they have to) off a 2-CPU Xeon 2.8MHz, 4GB of RAM, (3) SCSI disks RAID 0 (zcav value 35MB per sec). The databse is 11GB comprised over 100 tables and indexes from 1MB to 2GB in size.

I recently told the hospital management team worst-case scenerio they need to get the database on its own drive array since the RAID0 is a disaster wating to happen. I said ideally a new dual AMD server with 6/7-disk configuration would be ideal for safety and performance, but they don't have $15K. I said a seperate drive array offer the balance of safety and performance.

I have been given budget of $7K to accomplish a safer/faster database through hardware upgrades. The objective is to get a drive array, but I can use the budget any way I see fit to accomplish the goal.

Since I am a dba novice, I did not physically build this server, nor did I write the application the hospital runs on, but I have the opportunity to make it better, I'd thought I should seek some advice from those who have been down this road before. Suggestions/ideas anyone?


Steve Poe

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