You can purchase a whole new dual opteron 740, with 6 gigs of ram, a case to match and 6 74 gig ultra320 sca drives for about $7k

I know because that's what I bought one for 2 weeks ago. Using Tyan's dual board.

If you need some details and are willing to go that route, let me know and I'll get you the information.


Will LaShell

Steve Poe wrote:

Situation: An 24/7 animal hospital (100 employees) runs their business on Centos 3.3 (RHEL 3) Postgres 7.4.2 (because they have to) off a 2-CPU Xeon 2.8MHz, 4GB of RAM, (3) SCSI disks RAID 0 (zcav value 35MB per sec). The databse is 11GB comprised over 100 tables and indexes from 1MB to 2GB in size.

I recently told the hospital management team worst-case scenerio they need to get the database on its own drive array since the RAID0 is a disaster wating to happen. I said ideally a new dual AMD server with 6/7-disk configuration would be ideal for safety and performance, but they don't have $15K. I said a seperate drive array offer the balance of safety and performance.

I have been given budget of $7K to accomplish a safer/faster database through hardware upgrades. The objective is to get a drive array, but I can use the budget any way I see fit to accomplish the goal.

Since I am a dba novice, I did not physically build this server, nor did I write the application the hospital runs on, but I have the opportunity to make it better, I'd thought I should seek some advice from those who have been down this road before. Suggestions/ideas anyone?


Steve Poe

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