From what I understand, the vendor used ProIV for development, when they attempted to use 7.4.3, they had ODBC issues and something else I honestly don't know, but I was told that data was not coming through properly. Their somewhat at the mercy of the ProIV people to give them the stamp of approval, then the vendor will tell us what they support.


Steve Poe

Tom Lane wrote:

Steve Poe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Situation: An 24/7 animal hospital (100 employees) runs their business on Centos 3.3 (RHEL 3) Postgres 7.4.2 (because they have to)

[ itch... ] Surely they could at least move to 7.4.7 without pain. There are serious data-loss bugs known in 7.4.2.

                        regards, tom lane

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