The Chenbros are nice, but kinda pricey ($800) if Steve doesn't need the machine to be rackable.

If your primary goal is redundancy, you may wish to consider the possibility of building a brand-new machine for $7k (you can do a lot of machine for $7000 if it doesn't have to be rackable) and re-configuring the old machine and using it as a replication or PITR backup. This would allow you to configure the new machine with only a moderate amount of hardware redundancy while still having 100% confidence in staying running.

Our servers are not racked, so a new one does not have to be. *If* it is possible, I'd like to replace the main server with a new one. I could tweak the new one the way I need it and work with the vendor to make sure everything works well. In either case, I'll still need to test how positioning of the tables/indexes across a raid10 will perform. I am also waiting onProIV developers feedback. If their ProvIV modules will not run under AMD64, or take advantage of the processor, then I'll stick with the server we have.

Steve Poe

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