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> Does it really matter at which end of the cable the queueing is done
> (Assuming both ends know as much about drive geometry etc..)?
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The parenthetical is an assumption I'd rather not make.  If my
performance depends on my kernel knowing how my drive is laid
out, I would always be wondering if a new drive is going to 
break any of the kernel's geometry assumptions.  Drive geometry
doesn't seem like a kernel's business any more than a kernel
should be able to decode the ccd signal of an optical mouse.
The kernel should queue requests at a level of abstraction that
doesn't depend on intimate knowledge of drive geometry, and the
drive should queue requests on the concrete level where geometry
matters.  A drive shouldn't guess whether a process is trying to
read a file sequentially, and a kernel shouldn't guess whether
sector 30 is contiguous with sector 31 or not.

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