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> > What is 'multiple initiators' used for in the real world?
> I asked this same question and got an answer off list:  Somebody said their
> SAN hardware used multiple initiators.  I would try to check the archives
> for you, but this thread is becoming more of a rope.
> Multiple initiators means multiple sources on the bus issuing I/O
> instructions to the drives.  In theory you can have two computers on the
> same SCSI bus issuing I/O requests to the same drive, or to anything else
> on the bus, but I've never seen this implemented.  Others have noted this
> feature as being a big deal, so somebody is benefiting from it.

It's a big deal for Oracle clustering, which relies on shared drives. Of
course most people doing Oracle clustering are probably using a SAN and
not raw SCSI...
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