We ran into the need to use COPY, but our application is also in Java.
We wrote a JNI bridge to a C++ routine that uses the libpq library to do
the COPY. The coding is a little bit weird, but not too complicated -
the biggest pain in the neck is probably getting it into your build

Here's the Java tutorial on JNI:

Hope that helps!


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>> conn.setAutoCommit(false);
>> pst = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO tmp (...) VALUES 
>(?,?)"); for 
>> (int i = 0; i < len; i++) {
>>    pst.setInt(0, 2);
>>    pst.setString(1, "xxx");
>>    pst.addBatch();
>> }
>> pst.executeBatch();
>> conn.commit();
>> This snip takes 1.3 secs in postgresql. How can I lower that?
>You're batching them as one transaction, and using a prepared 
>query both of which are good.  I guess the next step for a 
>great performance improvement is to use the COPY command.  
>However, you'd have to find out how to access that via Java.
>I have a nasty suspicion that the release JDBC driver doesn't 
>support it and you may have to apply a patch.
>Ask on pgsql-jdbc@postgresql.org perhaps.
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