You also want to consider any whitebox opteron system being on the
compatibility list of your storage vendor, as well as RedHat, etc. With
EMC you can file an RPQ via your sales contacts to get it approved,
though not sure how lengthy/painful that process might be, or if it's
gonna be worth it.

Read the article devoted to the v40z on

I am also trying to get a quad-Opteron versus the latest quad-XEON from
Dell (6850), but it's hard to justify a difference between a 15K dell
versus a 30k v40z for a 5-8% performance gain (read the XEON Vs. Opteron
Database comparo on


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Mischa Sandberg wrote:
> After reading the comparisons between Opteron and Xeon processors for
> I'd like to add an Opteron box to our stable of Dells and Sparcs, for
> IBM, Sun and HP have their fairly pricey Opteron systems.
> The IT people are not swell about unsupported purchases off ebay.
> Anyone care to suggest any other vendors/distributors?
> Looking for names with national support, so that we can recommend as
much to our
> customers.

Monarch Computer

They have prebuilt and custom built systems.


Until later, Geoffrey

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