The DP+DC isn't available yet, from Sun. Only QP+DC is, for which the
bid opens at 38k, that is a bit pricey -:)

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Unfortunately, Anandtech only used Postgres just a single time in his 
benchmarks. And what it did show back then was a huge performance 
advantage for the Opteron architecture over Xeon in this case. Where the

fastest Opterons were just 15% faster in MySQL/MSSQL/DB2 than the 
fastest Xeons, it was 100%+ faster in Postgres. He probably got rid of 
Postgres from his benchmark suite since it favors Opteron too much. As a

general hardware review site, makes senses that he needs to get more 
neutral apps in order to get free systems to review and (ahem) ad

That being said, I wouldn't get a quad Opteron system anyways now that 
the dual core Opterons are available. A DP+DC system would be faster and

cheaper than a pure quad system. Unless of course, I needed a QP+DC for 
8-way SMP.

Anjan Dave wrote:
> Wasn't the context switching issue occurring in specific cases only?
> I haven't seen any benchmarks for a 50% performance difference.
> have I seen any benchmarks of pure disk IO performance of specific
> models of Dell vs HP or Sun Opterons.
> Thanks,
> Anjan
>>EMC you can file an RPQ via your sales contacts to get it approved,
>>though not sure how lengthy/painful that process might be, or if it's
>>gonna be worth it.
>>Read the article devoted to the v40z on
>>I am also trying to get a quad-Opteron versus the latest quad-XEON
> from
>>Dell (6850), but it's hard to justify a difference between a 15K dell
>>versus a 30k v40z for a 5-8% performance gain (read the XEON Vs.
> Opteron
>>Database comparo on
> 15k vs 30k is indeed a big difference. But also realize that Postgres
> has a specific benefit to Opterons versus Xeons. The context switching
> storm happens less on an Opteron for some reason.
> I would venture a much greater benefit than 5-8%, more like 10-50%.

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