Please pardon my ignorance, but from whatever I had heard, mysql was
supposedly always faster than postgres !!!! Thats why I was so surprised !!

I heard a lot of this too, so much it seems common wisdom that postgres is slow... well maybe some old version was, but it's getting better at every release, and the 8.0 really delivers... I get the feeling that the PG team is really working and delivering improvements every few months, compare this to MySQL 5 which has been in beta for as long as I can remember. Also, yes, definitely mysql is faster when doing simple selects like SELECT * FROM table WHERE id=constant, or on updates with few users, but once you start digging... it can get a thousand times slower on some joins just because the optimizer is dumb... and then suddenly 0.2 ms for MySQL versus 0.3 ms for postgres on a simple query doesn't seem that attractive when it's 2 ms on postgres versus 2 seconds on mysql for a not so complicated one like pulling the first N rows from a join ordered by... PG is considered slower than mysql also because many people don't use persistent connections, and connecting postgres is a lot slower than connecting MySQL... But well, persistent connections are easy to use and mandatory for performance on any database anyway so I don't understand why the fuss.

I will definately post the "analyze query" thing by end of today ...

Thanks for all your helps !!

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