On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 08:51:06AM -0800, Matthew Schumacher wrote:
> Ok, here is the current plan.
> Change the spamassassin API to pass a hash of tokens into the storage
> module, pass the tokens to the proc as an array, start a transaction,
> load the tokens into a temp table using copy, select the tokens distinct
> into the token table for new tokens, update the token table for known
> tokens, then commit.

You might consider:
UPDATE tokens
    FROM temp_table (this updates existing records)

    SELECT ...
    FROM temp_table
    WHERE NOT IN (SELECT ... FROM tokens)

This way you don't do an update to newly inserted tokens, which helps
keep vacuuming needs in check.

> This solves the following problems:
> 1.  Each email is a transaction instead of each token.
> 2.  The update statement is only called when we really need an update
> which avoids all of those searches.
> 3.  The looping work is done inside the proc instead of perl calling a
> method a zillion times per email.
> I'm not sure how vacuuming will be done yet, if we vacuum once per email
> that may be too often, so I may do that every 5 mins in cron.

I would suggest leaving an option to have SA vacuum every n emails,
since some people may not want to mess with cron, etc. I suspect that
pg_autovacuum would be able to keep up with things pretty well, though.
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