> "Merlin Moncure" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Nailed it.
> > problem is in mainloop.c -> setup_cancel_handler.  Apparently you
> > have multiple handlers and windows keeps track of them all, even if
> > do the same thing.  Keeping track of so many system handles would
> > naturally slow the whole process down.
> Yipes.  So we really want to do that only once.
> AFAICS it is appropriate to move the sigsetjmp and
> calls in front of the per-line loop inside MainLoop --- can anyone see
> a reason not to?

hm. mainloop is re-entrant, right?  That means each \i would reset the
handler...what is downside to keeping global flag?

> I'm inclined to treat this as an outright bug, not just a minor

> performance issue, because it implies that a sufficiently long psql
> script would probably crash a Windows machine.

actually, it's worse than that, it's more of a dos on the whole system,
as windows will eventually stop granting handles, but there is a good
chance of side effects on other applications.


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