Hi all,

I've got PG 8.0 on Debian sarge set up ...
I want to speed up performance on the system.

The system will run PG, Apache front-end on port 80 and Tomcat / Cocoon for the webapp.
The webapp is not so heavily used, so we can give the max performance to the database.
The database has a lot of work to do, we upload files every day.
The current server has 8 databases of around 1 million records. This will be more in the future.
There's only one main table, with some smaller tables. 95% of the records are in that one table.
A lot of updates are done on that table, affecting 10-20% of the records.

The system has 1 gig of ram. I could give 512Mb to PG.
Filesystem is ext2, with the -noatime parameter in fstab

Could I get some suggestions in how to configure my buffers, wals, .... ?

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Bien à vous,
Kind regards,

Yves Vindevogel

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