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    Why don't you just change nautilus to have two text areas, one
    with the test corresponding to the method and the other one with
the method's code ?

Exactly, we already have that with class comments, so why not methods (and while we're at it, package comments too)

I love you guys.
Let us change MCZ binary storage, pharo language metamodel and more while we are at it.
Not talking about merging and others.

Sorry there is a huge tradeoffs with simplicity and gain.
And you are just jumping into building a monster for ONE LINERS....

Repeat after me ONE LINERS.

I prefer to keep my energy for worth large enhancements and grab low hanging fruits when I see them. And Nicolai showed it to us. We cn get some variation and get all the easy benefits.

Daemons of over-engineering are tempting us because this is cooler to to design something complex.
But KISS to the rescue.

A separate method comment would make it clear that it's intended as API documentation for users of the method (and then the comment inside the method's source can be really a development comment). Another advantage is that its syntax won't have to deal with being between quotes and all the indentation/escapement hassles that come with inserting a syntax inside another one…

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