This is what I thought first, we already have the association between methods and tests, Nautilus can detect if there is a corresponding test , for example browse Fraction>>truncated, it will show a test icon, that will run the test FractionTest>>#testTruncated. This works already good, and I think we don't need special comments or pragmas for this.

But what stef wants is
1. Method docs with examples, so a user can see an example usage of a method (sunit test methods sometimes aren't good "examples") 2. We already had (and still have) some method docs where the example code just won't work anymore because the methods or classes used by the example were removed, renamed. So, it would be good if we can extract these examples and run them automatically to make sure they
are still working.

But yes, maybe we can still solve this with better Tools, not working only on the plain text in comments.

This can be done in addition but first we should be able to encode them.

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