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> Could we have a Pillar-way of organizing comments so that, based on
> sections, one could automatically find, from a book-like comment of the
> package or the class, which section applies to a given method?

I guess it's like any cross-referencing or indexing system… I'm guessing a
purely automatic system would find irrelevant matches and miss related
stuff, so it would need some human-added hints. But no one can reasonably
go through the cross-product of docs and code, adding hints, so that would
need to be crowdsourced and aggregated, a bit like the QA critiques.

I'll leave this link to the Django docs:
I recently watched a talk from I think the Django lead who was explaining
the different kinds of docs (tutorials, howtos, topic guides, and
reference). Package/class/method comments would be reference doc, but would
need to cross-ref with any other docs too…

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