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> Hey,
> I have been trying to print on the command line as a part of my handler
> implementation. I have been using `nextPutAll: aString;lf.` Apparently,
> 'lf'
> does not seem to work. I tried 'cr' too. I am using the latest 7.0 Pharo-vm
> and pharo image. I tried 'OSPlatform current lineEnding' as suggested by
> Clement Mastin. But, when I used the 6.0 version the 'lf' message is
> working
> fine.

We did some changes to remodularize a bit more the kernel some weeks ago.

The correct way to print a line ending is, as Clement pointed out,
'OSPlatform current lineEnding'. That is because there is no portable
character for a new line. Each platform has its own.

That said, maybe you found a bug :). Since the image before automatically
transformed cr's in line endings for a platform, I did a stream decorator
that replaces that behaviour for Pharo 7, I just did it to make it work,
did not test it further actually.

Could you try the following?

 - seeing what happens if you print a new line twice?
      nextPutAll: aString; lf;lf

 - What is the stream you're using to print out? Transcript or Stdout?
Could you show the entire expression you're using?
 - Can you print out the stream you're using?
     stream nextPutAll: stream asString; lf.


> Please find the attached image which demonstrates the same. The left
> terminal is of version 7.0, right one is of 6.0. Can someone help me out
> with this?
> <http://forum.world.st/file/n4960327/Screenshot_from_2017-
> 08-11_00-04-29.png>
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