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        I have been trying to print on
the command line as a part of my handler
        implementation. I have been using
`nextPutAll: aString;lf.` Apparently, 'lf'
        does not seem to work. I tried
'cr' too. I am using the latest 7.0 Pharo-vm
        and pharo image. I tried
'OSPlatform current lineEnding' as suggested by
        Clement Mastin. But, when I used
the 6.0 version the 'lf' message is working

    We did some changes to remodularize a bit more the kernel
some weeks ago.

    The correct way to print a line ending is, as Clement
pointed out, 'OSPlatform current lineEnding'. That is because there
is no portable character for a new line. Each platform has its own.

Oh! Cool!

    That said, maybe you found a bug :). Since the image
before automatically transformed cr's in line endings for a platform, I
did a stream decorator that replaces that behaviour for Pharo 7, I just did
it to make it work, did not test it further actually.

Oh! Yeah, it might be a bug.

    Could you try the following?

     - seeing what happens if you print a new line
          nextPutAll: aString;

I tried it out, it is not changing anything. No new line.

      - What is the stream you're using to
print out? Transcript or Stdout? Could you show the entire expression
you're using?

Yeah, I am using stdout. This is the expression
self stdoutnextPutAll: (SystemVersion current highestUpdate) asString;lf.

      - Can you print out the stream you're
         stream nextPutAll: stream
asString; lf.

Yeah, the stream I am using is a VTermOutputDriver.


        Please find the attached image
which demonstrates the same. The left
        terminal is of version 7.0, right
one is of 6.0. Can someone help me out
        with this?

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