Am 13.01.17 um 09:25 schrieb Esteban Lorenzano:
unless we pay.
they basically kidnap our messages and demand a ransom for them (and is 
expensive)… and the model seems to work, everybody prefers using that than a 
searchable tool :(
no, you give them to them for free and liberally. People don't understand the difference and tend to shout out: bad guys, we need more laws!

I would prefer to use an open tool, but well… slack gives us a lot of features 
and life is like this :(

Is the usenet still around? It had all of what you ask for, without the colors and emojis, though.

The ones from my generation may remember comp.lang.smalltalk and subforums. It was a great way to publicly discuss things...

Sorry for this, but I couldn't hold it back.

.. and please, be careful before you shout: Google groups!


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