I though that my example made this clear, apparently it did not so let me
try again.

No SEO is not a problem

SEO is not a problem because we have made the smart move as a community to
host our projects and discussions and documentation to existing google
friendly websites like Github, world.st and stackoverflow.

As such its very easy to find documentation about Pharo.

The problem here is what makes Google special, what made it the No1 search

You see before Google there was this search engine called AltaVista,
AltaVista was doing what is relevant to a SEO , it was basically searching
for sites and bringing up accurate search results . So if Google search was
doing just that we will still be using AltaVista and Google would have
never existed.

However what Google devs did that made a huge diffirence was to design an
algorithm using AI techniques that not only returned accurate results but
also related results. This made it possible to withstand spelling errors or
differentiate between search results using the same name etc. Also
customised the experience by keeping track of user's preferences via google

As such this poses a problem, that Google not only is able to find a vast
majority of the Pharo documentation because as I said we host it in
websites taking advantage of SEO but also related info. This poses a
problem because Google mixes up pharo results with pharao results, or maybe
its still pharo but its a book, or a music band etc.

The query I provided eliminates a problem that SEO cannot eliminate ,
removing the search results that is highly likely to not be related to OUR

However even if this query provides a nice solution it is not waterproof.
For example it does not include many of the blogs that keep track of pharo
progress and document many of its parts. For example Ben recently posted a
very nice guide for UFFI.

Also there is no need for this query if you search for specific class or
method names since its far less likely that Google will return irrelevant

Also another problem is the rapid improvement of Pharo, this something
begineers are not aware because its easy to underestimate how fast Pharo is
moving mainly because of the fact is not popular.

But Pharo moves forward very fast.

So fast that is easy to fall in the trap of finding the right method and
right class but not the up to date version, thus you need also date and
time based search as well that google also provides.

Also you may prefer to find PDFs because you will like a guide or in depth
tutorial instead of some random discussion , or a two pages tutorial in
that case you will add to the query


and so on

Learning how to search with Google is an art by itself and no bringing it
inside the Pharo image wont make a big difference to newcomers because we
still need to implement a complex GUI to accommodate for many different
needs. So we will be wasting time recreating Google inside the Pharo image
and you will be using a tool that still requires to learn things similar
what you need to learn for using Google search.

No matter the language you are learning the workflow is similar, start with
a beginner friendly guide or book, join a forum and ask for directions,
take a look at youtube tutorials and learn how to use Google.

Pharo or no Pharo, you will lose a great deal of efficiency if you do not
learn how to use Google.

So no we do not need to SEO world.st , stackoverflow, github , or
slideshare they are doing a pretty good job

Smalltalkhub and blog posts may not be SEO but a) Smalltalkhub is a dead
project no longer maintained other than making sure the server is online b)
we cannot force people to SEO their blogs, thats up to them

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