Hi Brian,

At 7:24 PM -0500 4/4/01, Brian.J.Mauter wrote:
>Has anyone tried out all three of these DBMS packages and evaluated them?

well not all of them :)

>I was wondering what everyone is having the best luck with when writing
>PHP scripts.

On that level it doesn't make much difference to me....

>I'm using Oracle8i and if you don't mind, it's a pain in the tail.  :-P

Kinda wondering what in particular is a PIA about it, apart from the 
knowledge level required to install, configure and tune Oracle !!

>While I'm asking, let's not limit it to just those three, if anyone is
>overwhelmingly pleased with something else, name it please! :-)

MySQL - best price :) , very fast when doing reads, not very good 
when a lot of writes are happening, lacking in some fundamental 
features eg foreign keys etc.  Integrates well with PHP.

PostGres - no experience , but V7 seem to be getting very good 
reviews, I am going to try it out very soon now.

Oracle - the "18 wheeler" of the RDBMS world.  Expensive but highly 
scaleable, full featured , excellent security etc.  It needs a fair 
amount of knowledge to really get it happening though.  PHP 
integrates well, including with stored procedures.

So IMHO it's a matter of "horses for courses" i.e. choosing the right 
tool for the job.


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