I have used Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, ADABAS and MS Access.

For small projects my preference is MySQL with PHP on *nix and MS Access
with ASP on Win32.

For more complex projects requiring complicated calculations or projects
with a lot of data Oracle is the best choice, because it is the most
powerfull and flexible. However if it is too expensive choose MSSQL or
ADABAS depending on which plattform you use.

I enjoy working with Oracle the most, because you can do really cool
things. Load Java objects as stored procedures, have stored procedures
return cursors etc and the best of all you can basically come up with
any kind of usefull SQL statement and it will work. That is not the case
with the others.

So in case licensing is not an issue and you have Oracle DBAs, thus you
do not have to worry about administration, which is not exactly trivial,
choose Oracle.


>Has anyone tried out all three of these DBMS packages and evaluated them?
>I was wondering what everyone is having the best luck with when writing
>PHP scripts.
>I'm using Oracle8i and if you don't mind, it's a pain in the tail.  :-P
>While I'm asking, let's not limit it to just those three, if anyone is
>overwhelmingly pleased with something else, name it please! :-)

Florian Clever


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