you know, i've been reading/contributing to this board for a few months and
every now and again i see posts from B and now it's really getting up my

people come here to find answers.

i still come here asking questions.

i am totally sick of your RTFM answers, i knew the answer to this also but
wouldn't consider demeaning the poster in this way.

please stop doing it; if you feel you need to the refrain from answering and
let someone else do it.


"B. Van Ouwerkerk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Buy a good book (PHP 4 Bible)!! read some tutorials!! And CHECK the
> manual.. found at what else did you think people created if
> for.. gives you all string
> manipulation fun stuff you want.
> ucfirst() is the solution.
> And last but not least STOP crossposting.
> sql, mysql
> Bye,
> B.

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