hmmm, one slipped through.

There is a difference between really trying and just send a message to a 
list with a question which is in the manual and very easy to find too.

If you don't understand the manual it's alright to ask. Would be stupid if 
you didn't.

Take a look at .. some great tutorials and general info can 
be found there.

Have fun.


At 15:05 20-8-01 +0100, Mark Milaszkiewicz wrote:
>A newbies opinion..
>I'm just getting into PHP and MySql stuff at the moment, i own 2 books on
>them, i have the manual on my Hard Drive, and its ok saying you should
>consult these, but sometimes they seem to be written in gibberish, and also
>the books only have in them what the author thought was useful, I wanted to
>do a really basic online searchable database of all the dvds i owned, i was
>looking thru PHP4, buy choi, kent, lea... you know the one, and couldn't
>understand at all.. I bought a new book, and it helped a lot more, however,
>i still wanted to clarify certian things, as it told me to do one thing, and
>i didn't want it to do that.
>People like getting information out of other people, its all well and good
>reading a book, or reading the manual, but if someone can say, this is how
>you should do it, and it will work, its a lot better than being ignored, or
>told to read the manual.. sometimes it just doesn't say it the way i want
>to, so i need help.
>Its a public mailing list this, if you can help, great, brilliant, thats
>what we need.. we don't need people to tell us not to do certian things, etc
>etc. If you don't want to help, don't, just ignore the e mail, and hit the
>delete button, there is no need to be arrogant or anything like that, cos
>its not called for...
>Just my pov..

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