A newbies opinion..

I'm just getting into PHP and MySql stuff at the moment, i own 2 books on
them, i have the manual on my Hard Drive, and its ok saying you should
consult these, but sometimes they seem to be written in gibberish, and also
the books only have in them what the author thought was useful, I wanted to
do a really basic online searchable database of all the dvds i owned, i was
looking thru PHP4, buy choi, kent, lea... you know the one, and couldn't
understand at all.. I bought a new book, and it helped a lot more, however,
i still wanted to clarify certian things, as it told me to do one thing, and
i didn't want it to do that.

People like getting information out of other people, its all well and good
reading a book, or reading the manual, but if someone can say, this is how
you should do it, and it will work, its a lot better than being ignored, or
told to read the manual.. sometimes it just doesn't say it the way i want
to, so i need help.

Its a public mailing list this, if you can help, great, brilliant, thats
what we need.. we don't need people to tell us not to do certian things, etc
etc. If you don't want to help, don't, just ignore the e mail, and hit the
delete button, there is no need to be arrogant or anything like that, cos
its not called for...

Just my pov..


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>>Sent: 20 August 2001 14:49
>>Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] please, please can we stop this kind of thing
>>..... !
>>i'm not a newbie.
>>i program in php for a living.
>>all i was saying was there are other people that will answer without
>>sounding so arrogant. it just seems so unwelcoming. not in the spirit of
>>things etc etc.
>>i'm sure B (as we all were) was a newbie at some point.
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>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> > From: Steve Brett [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>>> > Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 2:53 PM
>>> > Subject: [PHP-DB] please, please can we stop this kind of
>>> > thing ..... !
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > you know, i've been reading/contributing to this board for a
>>> > few months and
>>> > every now and again i see posts from B and now it's really
>>> > getting up my
>>> > nose.
>>> >
>>> > people come here to find answers.
>>> >
>>> > i still come here asking questions.
>>> >
>>> > i am totally sick of your RTFM answers, i knew the answer to
>>> > this also but
>>> > wouldn't consider demeaning the poster in this way.
>>> >
>>> > please stop doing it; if you feel you need to the refrain
>>> > from answering and
>>> > let someone else do it.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Steve
>>> >
>>> Some time ago I wrote a little things to the newbies
>>> (to be found in the php-news-archive):
>>> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=php-windows&m=99017650207323&w=2
>>> Check the @all newbies - section.
>>> Please understand the pro's, too !
>>> Happy programming,
>>>   Mike
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