Hello *
trying to output mysql content into a table, but the
table is designed to use 3 Trows to display info for
ONE product (table also has to have 5 columns):
row1     sku1|sku2|sku3|sku4|sku5
row2     img1|img2|img3|img4|img5
row3     nam1|nam2|nam3|nam4|nam5
row4     sku6|sku7|sku8|sku9|sku10
row5     img6|img7|img8|img9|img10
row6     nam6|nam7|nam8|nam9|nam10
I have code that is displaying the right #of columns
but it is simply repeating the product across the

<table width="100%" border="1" cellspacing="0"
cellpadding="0" bgcolor="#000000">
  while ($db->next_record()) { ?> 
        <tr bgcolor="#666666">
        <?php $numcols = 5;
                for ($l = 1; $l <= $numcols; ++$l) {?>
          <td width="139" class="ModNo"
bordercolor="#000000"><?php echo
$db->f("product_sku"); ?></td>
                <?php } ?>
        <tr bgcolor="#ECEF7A">
                <?php for ($l = 1; $l <= $numcols; ++$l) { ?>
          <td height="80" bordercolor="#000000"> 
            <div align="center"><A HREF="<?php
$sess->purl(URL . "?page=$flypage&product_id=" . 
              $db->f("product_id") . "&category_id=" .
$db->f("category_id")); ?>">
                <?php } ?>
        <tr bgcolor="#C9C62D" bordercolor="#C9C62D"> 
                <?php for ($l = 1; $l <= $numcols; ++$l) { ?>
          <td class="prodName"><?php
$db->p("product_name"); ?></td>
                <?php } ?>
<?php } ?>

Anybody have any ideas how I can get this thing to



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