On Sunday 21 October 2001 06:45, Luditus wrote:
> Hi Fokes,
> I would like to send an mail via the mail function.
> If the mail failes I would like to redirect to an errorpage.
> Currently my code looks like this:
>  if ( mail($email,$subject_confirm_account,
> $message_confirm_account, $from_confirm_account) ){
>   HEADER("Location:index.php?fuseaction=txt&msg=registered");
> //success }
>  else{
>   HEADER("Location:index.php?fuseaction=txt&msg=mailproblem");
> // mail could not been sent
>  };
> Unfortunatelly I get an erromessage like that:
> Warning: Failed to Connect in
> e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\
>user.php on line 256
> Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent
> by (output started at
> e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\
>user.php:256) in
> e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\
>user.php on line 260

Try calling exit right after sending those Headers.  Somehow the 
script is sending header information before your HEADER calls 
above.  Do you have any output prior to that if block?  Even an 
html dtd will do it.


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