> Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output
> started at
> e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\user.php:256)
> in e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\user.php
> on line 260

> Where is the problem??? I can't see it.
You don't have to send anything else than headers or data that uses header 
(cookies) before use any header functions. This error is probably due to an 
echo/print or you keep a space before "<?".

To avoid php error/warning/notice or simply to debug/custom messages, take a 
look to the set_error_handler/user_error/trigger_error functions in the 

They are prettz usefull to make a fully transparent error management system. 
Your client will not see classic ugly messages. Another nice use is to debug 
http headers functions.

Inside your own error_handler function you are able to write messages to 
syslog (only on winnt/*nix, not winMe/9x), files, or whatever you want (or 
directly in the header itself header("X-Debug-1: this a message") ).

Hope that helps,


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