It IS possible to run the mail function on a Win machine - I had a Win2000/IIS(with 
its own SMTP stub) box running PHP
mail happily.
Also it is possible to have a Win-with-no-local-SMTP configuration. I have re-jigged 
my WinNT portable to run the same
PHP/Apache script connecting directly to my ISP's SMTP server (in part using the path 
var mentioned).
I haven't tried to combine email with 'headers' though!
...if that's the problem...

> Hi,
> I see that everybody is looking for the error in the header function - but
> the error actually is that Luditus is trying to use mail on a Windows box
> with no SMTP server on it.
> It is possible to suppress the mail function output using @mail, but it
> won't fix the problem - if you want to use mail function on a WIN machine
> you'll need a sendmail like program and you will have to adjust the
> sendmail_path variable in your PHP configuration.
> >Hi Fokes,
> >
> >I would like to send an mail via the mail function.
> >
> >If the mail failes I would like to redirect to an errorpage. Currently my
> >code looks like this:
> >
> > if ( mail($email,$subject_confirm_account, $message_confirm_account,
> >$from_confirm_account) ){
> >  HEADER("Location:index.php?fuseaction=txt&msg=registered");
> file://success
> > }
> > else{
> >  HEADER("Location:index.php?fuseaction=txt&msg=mailproblem"); // mail
> could
> >not been sent
> > };
> >
> >Unfortunatelly I get an erromessage like that:
> >
> >Warning: Failed to Connect in
> >e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\user.php on
> >line 256
> >
> >Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output
> >started at
> >e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\user.php:256)
> >in e:\projects\globosapiens\07_production\actual\account\include\user.php
> on
> >line 260
> >
> >Where is the problem??? I can't see it.

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