Can anyone spot why I get the error

Warning: Failed opening
'd:/www/htdocs/ski-info-online/poll.php?id=KnChooseBoots' for inclusion
(include_path='') in d:\WWW\htdocs/ski-info-online/skiKnSkiBoots.php on line

Here is the calling line:

<?php include($DOCUMENT_ROOT .
"/ski-info-online/poll.php?id=KnChooseBoots"); ?>

If I call poll.php?id=KnChooseBoots from the browser it works (exactly the
same path).
If I drop the argument it works (i.e. php include($DOCUMENT_ROOT .
"/ski-info-online/poll.php"); ).
So what the blazes is happening?

The manual reads:

/* Works. */
include ("http://someserver/file.php?varone=1&vartwo=2";);


require($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/header.html");

which are the techniques I think I have used.
Thanks for any help

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