On Tuesday 13 November 2001 23:16, TorrentUK wrote:

> According to the php manual it can pass args and values.

I think this is only true *if* you're including a remote file, ie 
through HTTP.

> The value I pass in through the $id then determines what poll  is
> presented to the visitor (poll.php opens a file called $id.txt, which
> contains the poll's title, values, etc). So I set the id variable
> depending on where the poll script is invoked (i.e. what will the
> visitor be voting for at this point).
> I'm confused. I going to have to think of a work-around (sometimes
> known as a kludge :) )

> > > I mentioned, it calls the poll.php
> > > if I drop the argument part (?id=KnChooseBoots). It's all very
> > > strange.

That's because the'argument' part (which you can't use when including 
local files) contains a question mark '?' which confuses Windows 
filesystem as it stands for a single wildcard character.

Jason Wong
Gremlins Associates

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