Hi folks--

I'm working on an installation of phpshop 0.6x and have started getting "too many 
connections to the database" errors whenever I work with it for any length of time. I 
have a heavily database-driven and busy site calling on three databases. Having heard 
that mysql_pconnect is better to use than mysql_connect, I thought maybe my other 
scripts using the latter were causing the problem so I moved the busiest pages from 
mysql_connect to mysql_pconnect. No go. 

The problem only occurs when I'm using phpshop and affects the entire site, not just 
the phpshop pages. Sometimes loading my (non-phpshop) home page restarts things, 
sometimes I have to go in and reboot mysqld. I have customized the phpshop code but I 
haven't done any customization to the way phpshop connects to the database. 


Many thanks,

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