There is a setting when you launch MySQL to tell it how many connections 
it will accept.  Read the following to get a better idea on this:

The default number of connections to MySQL is 100, but can be set much 
higher if necessary.  You need to set the configuration option 
"max_connections=xxx" (with "xxx" being the number of connections you'd 
like to try), probably in your my.cnf file.  Check out:

Using persistent connections is a good idea if you don't have a TON of 
Apache processes running.  If you do, then you're going to be opening at 
least that many connections which will only make your problems worse.

Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction.

Joshua Hoover

> Hi folks--
> I'm working on an installation of phpshop 0.6x and have started getting 
> "too many connections to the database" errors whenever I work with it 
> for any length of time. I have a heavily database-driven and busy site 
> calling on three databases. Having heard that mysql_pconnect is better 
> to use than mysql_connect, I thought maybe my other scripts using the 
> latter were causing the problem so I moved the busiest pages from 
> mysql_connect to mysql_pconnect. No go.

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