I've written a small script that processes a form from a webpage and sends
the submitted data as an HTML e-mail that has the form all filled out
already. I've gotten smaller versions of this script to work without any
problem just to test the idea.I can't figure out why I'm now getting the
following error:
Parse error: parse error in /home/httpd/cgi-bin/rday/lists/do_listapp.php3
on line 358

Here is the offending code:
353     if ($moderation == "no"){
354             $message .= " checked";
355     }
357$message .= '
358            >no<br>
359            <p>Answer "yes" if you want all postings to the list to be
sent to 
360              a moderator for approval before distribution to the

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Rob Day
Web Team Leader
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
phone: 512.936.4463   fax: 512.463.5436

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