You know this was a real bad stupid on my part. I saved the file in the
wrong place. After "moving" the file to my web folder and not saving to the
web folder I was using
the original parse error file in the temp dir. I re-saved in the web folder
and what do ya know it worked.

Sorry for wasting all your time. I'll try to think better in the future.


"Jennifer Downey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Can someone tell me why I am getting a parse error in this little snip?
> <?
> $origVar = 100;
> echo "<P>Original value is $origVar</p>";
> $origVar += 25;
> echo "<P>Added a value, now it's $origVar</p>";
> $origVar -= 12;
> echo "<P>Subtracted a value, now it's $origVar</p>";
> $origVar .= " chickens";
> echo "<P>Final answer: $origVar</p>";
> ?>
> Thanks in advance
> Jen Downey

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