You wouldn't happen to have a spare ELH diagram (or two) lying around
that one could take a look at, would you?


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> =The purpose of an ELH diagram is to take a piece of data
> (in your case, because we are assuming/checking
> normalisation, I'd 'cheat' and work at the table level -
> rather than something more atomic like the data-item
> level). Once again we draw boxes (I have some wonderful s/w
> for doing these tasks, but it is M$). A single
> label/box at the top, featuring the name of the data-unit,
> and I would guess a minimum of three (must be my
> favorite number!) boxes in the next row, representing the
> arrival/creation of the data, its use within the
> system, and the removal of the data from the system once
> its usefulness has subsided, respectively. The third
> row of boxes represents the actual, individual events in
> the life-cycle/daily operation of the system, and how
> they alter/update/use the data. Lines drawn between the
> boxes show how these events relate and where there may
> be some iteration.

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