For DL Neill:

Like  the "3 box" approach. A very strong image for separating the 
functionality. Why don't you write it up as an article for DevShed or 
WebMonkey?  If you look at the traffic on the list there are lots of people 
who just see PHP pages as "happening" and have no clear understanding of 
what happens and where it happens.

For George:
You have a very interesting system there. DL is right, don't try to reverse 
engineer, start with a clean sheet and go from there. You have the 
advantage of knowing what results you want and the nature of the processing 

With a relational database you will be freed from the procedural code 
necessary to fetch data. Use this link for a quick look at Codd's 12 rules 
which define a relational database:

Nice pictures! Take some comfort that there is no RDBMS today which 
fulfills all these rules, just as none fully comply with the SQL1 and SQL2 

Regards - Miles

At 01:52 PM 1/8/2002 +0000, George Pitcher wrote:
>DL Neil (I presume you have a first name tucked away inside there),
>Your comments are appreciated. I am becoming more and more comfortable with
>what I am doing with MySQL/PHP.
>With reference to the 3-box trick, I thought that the bulk of my work would
>be inthe centre box but as you point out that would be inefficient if the
>work can be pre-processed in the RDBMS box.
< stuff snipped as I'm just passing out bouquets ...>

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