> Haven't been following and not sure if this is what
> you're after, but these are some great data models:
> http://www.databaseanswers.com/data_models/index.htm

Thanks for this. I came across this site/these diagrams before, but thought them to be 
too 'introductory' and
vague for use 'in anger', and without commentary not particularly useful as a tutorial 
(unless one is really

Unfortunately they [that I looked at again today] are also in the form of ERDs (entity 
relationship diagrams)
rather than ELH diagrams (which we had been discussing).

So I Googled "entity life history" and diagram...

The first hit took me to SmartDraw.com. Their site was good because it shows examples 
of different types of
diagrams, but it is all academic-theoretical/no worked real-life examples. Poking 
around the site (or duh! using
the second Google hit) I did find a fairly simple worked example of an ELH diagram.

Tim: these guys are pushing SSADM, a British government initiative from 15-20 years 
back (no less valid for its
age). You (and others in the States) may or may not find it easy to get hold of SSADM 
stuff, simply because it
didn't become popular in the States.

A bit further down, Google offers http://www.cscs.wmin.ac.uk/~ssadm/elh/elhs.html 
which is a lecture from the
University of Westminster and part of the/an SSADM organisation's site. It has the 
sort of worked-descriptions
that I mentioned (to Tim) earlier. Rumbling around on their site will also enable the 
study of other useful
design tool/method tutorials - and may save/justify a trip to the library!


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