> You wouldn't happen to have a spare ELH diagram (or two) lying around
> that one could take a look at, would you?

Hah TIM now you've got me!
I 'do' diagrams. I don't 'do' neat! [no need to move over Matisse]

The longer answer is that I have diagrams coming out of my ears (well, computer), but 
they are very much working
documents, rather than something fit for publication - indeed fit for showing to 
someone else at all...

I (somewhat feebly) suggest that you would do better to grab a book on structured 
analysis and design from a
convenient library. In the 'old days' I would have recommended Yourdon or Jackson, but 
many have entered the
field/published since. Such will have example diagrams chosen for the simplicity of 
the subject matter, and
carefully/logically explained - that's three times better than anything I can 
(quickly) offer... In addition,
they will mention the three or four main diagram types that can be employed in SA and 
D, which may be yield
additional benefits.

I fear my stuff, assuming I can weed out something that is both reasonably 
straightforward and that will 'stand'
on its own, will not be quite so 'inspirational'. With apologies...


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