Boaz Yahav wrote:
> I don't think you realize the nature of the site. Its an auction site
> and not a retail site.
> Prices need to be updated on thousands of clients simultaneously. Our
> goal is to
> refresh the data on the client every 3-10 seconds while having 1500
> online open
> auctions.
> This is quite a mess :)

humm.... I am afraid that goal may be a bit unrealistic for your budget.
I suggest that you cache as much content as you can to avoid hitting the

One technique that I use in the PHP Classes site is to cache content
indefinitly. Then when the data that defines that content is changed I
call a method of my cache file class to void the cache, so it will force
the cached data if and when it is needed on the next access for a page
that uses that. This way I don't retard the database update process and
the cache is only generated if it will ever be need. So I avoid having
situations where more than one update is made to the database before the
cached data needs to be redisplayed.

For making your site static as much as possible, I usually recommend the
"page fault" technique. That consists of static pages that are deleted
when their content is updated. When there is a request for them, since
when they are missing the server redirects the request to your error
document. That is where you regenarate the page file with upto date
data. While the page is upto date it remains in the disk and is served
as static page at the server top speed (no scripting language nor
database to clutter the access).

Manuel Lemos

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