It is being inserted into a database

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At 16:54 -0600 2/7/02, Todd Williamsen wrote:
>i tried it out... and it almost works like I want it... weird though
>1. when I put in <p><font color="blue">this is BLUE</p></font>
>it prints it in like a bright green.  but if i use the RGB # then its
>2.  if there is an apostrophe in the notes, then it will add slashes it
>that as well
>so if I type blah blah blah I am going over to my friend's website
later on
>and here is the address...
><a href=">Friends</a>
>it will look like

addslashes() is for escaping values that you're going to insert into a

If you're generating HTML, use htmlspecialchars() instead.

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