This can be done with JavaScript - I don't know if you can do it in PHP.  I
had a site where I wanted to let people compare data for two states so based
on the first state that was chosen I populated the compare with the other
states.  If you want me to send you my code I can.  It uses another file too
- that one is a big JS array with all of the states in it.  I also do one
that populates a county box based upon a state.


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> Subject:      [PHP-DB] Dynamic Drop Down Box
> Does anyone know how I might populate a drop down box based on the users
> selection from a previous drop down box? For example, if I have a table
> called 'autos' with 2 fields, 'make' and 'model'. I select distinct 'make'
> and populate the first drop down box. Based on the user selection, the 2nd
> drop down box would be populated with the distinct 'make' for that model
> (ie; if the user selects Ford in the first drop down, the 2nd drop down
> would be populated with Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, etc.).
> Thanks,
> Randy Rankin

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